Adhesive blackboard

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You stay at home for few days with your kids due to Coronavirus COVID-19 and you don´t know what to do, do you? The little ones get bored and you almost ran out of patience. You love them a lot, but it´s so difficult to explain them that they cannot go out and that they have to look for some entertainment inside.

Maybe there is something I can do for you. This adhesive blackboard is a good solution to the boringness and this is also a perfect instrument to make your home classes more interesting and efficient. You don´t have to paint or drill holes in the walls. This is a sticker! You can draw over it using classic chalks, and when you done, you wipe it with a wet cloth… and it´s clean again! If you stay in a rented apartment, don´t worry, cause it´s very easy to remove and you won´t damage the paint. So, when you want to take it out or change and renew it, just pull from a corner and voilá!

It´s much better than trying to keep your kids busy with a mobile phone, TV or sweets. Let them draw, write and play straight on the room´ s wall!

This item will be of a great help for the adults as well. You can write down your notes, to do list, schedule and virtual classes program, shopping list, poems and great ideas that may occur during the day… the possibilities are unlimited. You also can cut it with a cutting knife or scissors in smaller pieces and use it to organize your storage boxes and cans or office files.

The application is very easy. Brush away the dust from the wall. Unroll the blackboard, calculate where you want to place it using adhesive paper or other person´s help. Separate a 5 cm wide stripe of back paper from a shorter side and start applying, pressing the sticker and sliding from side to side a piece of clean cloth or using your hand with a tissue glove. Keep in mind that the wall should be dry. If you painted the wall recently, let it dry well before!

I offer you different sizes, you can choose the one that fits your needs better. If you want a bigger roll or have any doubts, please contact me!

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