Stickers Mochita for the sails

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The set of 5 Mochita stickers for windsurfing sails, boards, or other low energy surfaces (the ones that are difficult for the stickers adhesion), or surfaces that are often exposed to water, salt, wind, etc. These stickers will be resistant to "washing machines" in waves, jumps, loops and other violent actions, if you apply them correctly. When you decide to peel them off, warming them up softly with a dryer or a heat gun will help you to unstick them easily. Our stickers don´t leave glue rests on the sails. If you want to have an absolutely perfect surface after you peel off your stickers, clean it with alcohol and clean cloth.

These stickers do not have laminate. If you want your stickers to be laminated for better endurance, please use our contact form to ask for the quotation and make an order.

As the stickers do not have laminate, they can be damaged by alcohol or solvents, so DO NOT apply them to the stickers and use a clean and dry piece of cloth to apply them or clean them.

Before applying the stickers, clean well the surface where you will put them. You can clean with alcohol or soap and water. Dry the surface after cleaning. Don´t use aggressive chemical products, acetone or strong soaps, as they may affect the stickers adhesive. The stickers have high initial tack (adhesion), thus they don´t have an easy application of bubble free technology. This means that you have to be very patient applying them, taking away the back paper liner little by little while you press the sticker over the surface with soft slides. Don´t take out all the paper at once and stick the whole sticker at once as you will have a lot if air bubbles and thus no warranty on the adhesion.

The stickers are covered with a thin transport paper on their upper side. This is the last thing you have to take out when you have finished sticking the sticker. This transport paper helps you to apply the sticker correctly, prevent it from stretching and deforming itself, and protects the sticker from scratches and other mechanical damages during the application.

If you have any doubt, pleasecontact us!!

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