"Don´t Touch", recycled PVC Tee

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This is a very popular message nowadays: "Don´t touch my gear!" Hands off. It does not matter what you refer to: your windsurfing equipment, your kite, surfboard, sup, bicycle, your weights… or your personal hardware and gadgets that the mother nature gave you… Your imagination is the only limit. God save the private property! Access granted only to previously authorized individuales. Let´s make it clear!

This alpha woman edition tee-shirt has a wide cut and medium length with rolled up sleeves. Fresh, comfortable, electric and... responsable with the environment… OMG!

Straight from the future, Mochita brings you this T-shirt made from recycled materials: 60% organic cotton pre-consumption and 40% of post-consumption recycled polyester.

How does it work? There are pieces of organic cotton cloth that stay after the other items are cut out. These pieces are gathered and chopped into fibres. These are mixed with the fibres made from recycled plastic bottles forming a resistant, elastic and soft thread. This thread is sewed into a tissue that will form this fashion tee-shirt. Literally, this T is made from wastes. This sounds awful but if you think twice, this is wonderful! Instead of generating more garbage buying a whim, you are contributing to recycling and re-using of all this excess of material and plastic that would end up in the sea, in the ground or burnt. Instead, it will have a second life, marvellous and happy, by your side. Let´s make the fashion less harmful together!

This product is certified, the authenticity of the production process is guaranteed.

Available in blue denim colour with white and fluoride pink decoration

Please keep in mind that you have to follow the washing and usage recommendations that you will find on the inner label on the T and in the part XI of our terms and conditions..

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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 5 cm

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